You Can Make Natural Perfume at Home, But How???

Hey friends, today we have an amazing post for you and idea about how to make natural perfume at home. If you wonder which ingredients are needed for making this at home, be with us for some time and read the full text to reveal you the recipe.

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My Homemade Perfume number 1;
– 30ml pure vodka -need about ~90drops essential oils to make 15%
– 2/3 tsp homemade vanilla extract = 55drops
– 12 drops frankincense
– 4 drops vetiver
– 12 drops lavender
– 6 drops tangerine

Things to note;
– Use dark /not transparent bottle to keep perfume from going rancid over time or store in a place that isn’t exposed to sunlight
– Make sure your lid is firmly attached to prevent oxidation
– The purer the alcohol for the base the better
– Test a little of essential oils on skin first to ensure no reaction.
– Mix in glass avoids metal or plastic.
– Add base oils then mid notes than high notes
– Bottle and leave for a few weeks to blend together before using

For perfume use; 15% essential oil. 1ml =about 20drops. So for 10ml base alcohol/oil = 1.5ml and 1.5×20 = 30 drops essential oil. And that’s it now you made natural perfume at home, you are great!!!

Follow this video to see the full instructions from the start to the end of making natural perfume at home and freeing from nasty chemicals.

In the following, we will show you the recipe for making natural perfume number 2 from this post

Before start making the perfume you will need:
– 10 drops lavender
– 12 drops bergamot
– 6 drops neroli
– 2 drops jasmine
– 7 drops rose
– 20 ml of alcohol/vodka

And we are to the number 3 perfume at home, so you will need this:
– 10 drops orange essential oil
– 20 drops lemon
– 10 drops tangerine
– 15 drops frankincense
– 10 drops neroli
– 20 ml of alcohol

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