You Shouldn’t Eat This if You are Pregnant!

Pregnancy is the period when future mothers must learn what to eat and what shouldn’t eat. This can be the best or the most problematic period in life on one woman, we must eat healthy food to arise the hemoglobin and at the same time to try not overweight. It’s very important to not follow the rule that you should eat for ,,two,, because your baby is feeding on you and it’s enough to eat just for,, one,, If you are pregnant or your friend is pregnant, you can stay with us, to read the full text and find out what to eat and what shouldn’t eat in this period.

Undercooked beef and meat 

This is the very first food on the list of what you should eat in the vital and the most sensitive period in life – pregnancy. This is something that you should not eat if you want to keep healthy your body and your little creature wearing in your tummy.

Never eat fish – tuna

You shouldn’t eat fish like tuna, shark and any other fish in a can. Fish isn’t recommended for a pregnant woman so be healthy but try to eat something else.

Sandwiches are also on the list of not eating food

We shouldn’t eat sandwiches even if we aren’t pregnant and also in this period. Why? Because this is fast food that makes us fat and we have no health benefits of it. If you can’t imagine the day without sandwiches you can make a sandwich for you but to contain just salad and bread!

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Raw eggs

Raw eggs are also on the list and we shouldn’t eat it because it can cause salmonella disease that can affect so bad to our aby and us as a pregnant mother. I think that we can eat it when prepared at home but shouldn’t eat when are prepare din some restaurant because we can’t be sure of the food quality.

Pate is the food should not eat when pregnant

As raw eggs can cause salmonella here is the pate which can cause the bacteria listeria. Please avoid this food when pregnant and try eating something else like salad.

Coffee and alcohol

While we are at the food we should also tell you what you shouldn’t drink in the pregnancy. You should avoid more than one coffee per day due to blood pressure. About the alchol, we all know that is dangerous and we should just drink one or two glasses of beer that won’t make a problem for our little baby.

By the way, if you still have some free time also READ abut how looks the life of those who don’t have children. thanks for your attention now and hope your pregnancy is going well and you will be the happiest mother in the world! And we, we will back with new posts and ideas for you our favorite readers! BYE and have a nice start of the week!