Are You of Those People that Laugh at Serious Moments?

Are you of those people that laugh at serious moments? Don’t worry! Laughter and crying are sisters twins! 🙂 Scientists and psychology have an explanation for this situation, read about it MORE in our post today.

,, Sometimes people laugh when something is sad because they are trying to deflect going deeper into their emotions,”

says Hopkins-Alvarez. Check the link to hear something useful from the Doctor.

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Some people actually have a bad habit to laugh in serious moments and simply can’t stop their behaviors. While the others don’t want to show their emotions so they want to hide the tears in front of people and when they are at home they cry deeply in themselves which is the worst thing to be done for the soul.

This may be an unconscious process that is occurring, not necessarily a conscious one.” In other words, your mind is putting up a type of wall to combat these overwhelming emotions—and it’s totally normal.

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Well, if you are asking me, I don’t know how normal it is to laugh when everyone else is crying. I know that this happens a lot and very often. In the classroom, on the TV,  it happens also on a funeral. But what can we do when scientists say that is the situation when we are defending ourselves. However, even how funny it is for us at some moments, we should learn how to control ourselves. Otherwise, we will feel embarrassed. If we don’t know how to cry when everyone else is crying, we should at least avoid laughing. Imagine, when you are with friends, someone tells a joke, notice that not everyone is laughing so it’s the same with the crying.

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This is the end of the post so hope you learned something useful!!! Thanks for attention and time!!!