Be Creative and Decorate Your Bag

Hey friends, good morning to you wishes you our team on the page with the best ideas. Our last post was about the glass shower door for your bathroom and hope that you have already read it. Go ahead now and check the new post that we are writing now and want to share it with you. Our post today is about DIY projects and tips on how to decorate your bag. We can all make this in our home so make it after checking how! If we are creative and of course, have enough free time to make it, we will surely make it.

How to make it? Just SCROLL DOWN and find the answer to this question dearest friends!!! I hope you will make it at home this amazing project that made my day!

Take an apple and colors to make an apple print on your white bag

Transform the white bag into a bag filled with prints of green apples. This decoration is easy to make but you will surely love it. Once when you will learn how to make it, decorate your bag for your friend, mother or sister. See the photo now and follow the instructions below.


decorate your bag

This can be your lunch bag or bag for yur children, so learn how to ake and simply make it in your free time! Make sure about your little children!!! Not just with apples, but make prints with colors and pears, colors and peach, lemons, oranges and any other fruits you have at home at the moment.

lunch bag
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So, what else can we say, unless to thank you for your attention and invite you to be our follower in the future? If you decide to make this bag decoration at home, please send us a photo to see your result!!!