Benefits of sleeping naked probably you didn’t know

Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is one of the best alternatives when the temperature allows, it is a comfortable way to sleep and also provides some benefits.

So whether for comfort or because you enjoy nudism, sleeping naked can improve your health and make you enjoy more intimate relationships.

Benefits of sleeping naked

But what are the benefits of sleeping naked? Why should you choose to sleep without clothes to sleep in your pajamas? Below you can find the answers to these questions thanks to the data provided by the different scientific studies in this line of research.

1. Improves reproductive health

sleeping naked

The scientific data affirm that men who sleep naked enjoy a better quality of sperm and, therefore, have a higher level of fertility. This is explained by the urologist Brian Steixner: “Sleeping without clothes has a positive effect on the sperm of men because maintaining the ideal body temperature contributes to the good condition of the sperm. In addition, excess heat causes a decrease in testosterone production. ” Something that is not beneficial for male fertility.

2. Help to lose weight

sleeping naked

It turns out that the body temperature drops when we sleep and, consequently, the body burns fatter naturally. But when putting on clothes, the garments reduce this effect. That does not mean you’re going to lose a lot of weight, but it does not come at all bad to burn the extra calorie intake.

3. Healthier skin

sleeping naked

Sleeping naked will not only have a positive effect in reducing fat, but your skin will also benefit from this practice. Sleeping without clothes allows your skin to breathe, which reduces the risk of skin problems. In addition, sleeping naked favors the activation of brown fat that, in turn, allows to renew dead cells and keep the skin tighter and healthier.

4. Greater closeness with the couple

Couples who sleep naked feel a greater attachment and a greater connection because the skin-to-skin contact increases the release of oxytocin, considered as the hormone of love and affective ties. Thanks to this chemical, the bond between the members of the relationship becomes stronger, more resistant and persistent.

5. Reduce stress

sleeping naked

Another important hormone in our body is cortisol because, at high levels, it is involved in stressful processes. Sleeping naked seems to reduce cortisol levels in the body and, therefore, reduces stress.

6. Less appetite when waking up

Cortisol, in addition to being related to stress, also seems to have an effect on our appetite. At higher levels of cortisol, a greater feeling of hunger. By reducing cortisol levels by sleeping naked, we also feel less hungry when awake. Another advantage of sleeping naked in relation to weight loss.

7. You will be cleaner

Especially in summer, when the heat tightens, we usually wake up sweating. At this time of year, it can be a great alternative to sleep without clothes. In this way, we will sweat less and we will be cleaner in the morning.

8. More frequent in intimate relationships

If it has been commented that sleeping nude increases the level of oxytocin and is beneficial to create lasting affective bonds, it is also positive to have intimate encounters with the couple. Going light clothing benefits physical contact and, consequently, sexual health.

9. Less irritation

sleeping naked

If sleeping without clothes is beneficial for the skin, so is it to avoid irritation. When you sleep naked you avoid the contact of the sensitive area with the tissue and help the skin breathe. With this, you can avoid many discomforts and even pain.

10. It helps you sleep better

sleeping naked

Sleeping without clothes during the hot weather will help you to be cooler and more comfortable. That facilitates sleep and avoids getting up at midnight with an unpleasant sensation.

11. Rejuvenates

Some research indicates that sleeping naked helps you slow down the aging process. When we sleep, we release growth hormone, which is key to cell regeneration and, therefore, acts as an anti-aging substance. Conversely, sleeping in very hot environments causes us to process less growth hormone, causing faster aging.

12. Reduce the risk of having diabetes

According to the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, the probability of suffering from diabetes decreases if we sleep naked. This is because sleeping in a cooler environment causes people to have more stable blood sugar levels and better insulin sensitivity.

And … what does the science of our posture say when we sleep?

Science has also provided scientific data on the position we use when sleeping in relation to personality. An investigation carried out by Chris Idzikowski, coordinator at the dream institute in the United Kingdom, studied the six most common postures that people use during sleep. The conclusions state that each position is associated with a certain personality profile.