Children Shouldn’t Swallow Gums! Read Why?

Remember when you were a child and your mother always teaching you to not swallow gums? Well, she was telling you this with the aim to save your stomach and the myth was proven. Read more in the following why children shouldn’t swallow gums and protect them!

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swallow gums
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How is made gum?

Traditionally, gum was made using chicle, a sap from the sapodilla tree. As the popularity of gum increased and almost every person uses it, so did the demand. This led manufacturers to turn to synthetic polymers as a gum base.

How long the gum needs to digest in your body?

Corn and the gums can’t be digested by your body, so you’ll often see corn shells in your stool after eating it. Swallowing gum, have the same effect and simply can’t be digested but it can be harmlessly passed the same way. Here is the full process of what’s happening in your stomach after swallowing the gum. Your small intestine absorbs sugars and nutrients and then the indigestible portion of the gum moves throughout the colon. This tells a lot why you shouldn’t swallowing the gums never again and teach your children to not do this!

What can happen to you if you often swallow gums?

Well, there are several bad health effects that repeatedly swallowing gum can cause:

  • you can feel abdominal pain
  • chronic constipation
  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • mouth ulcers ( jaw and dental problems can be caused by constantly swallowing gums)

Thanks so much for your time and this is the end of the post, so next time when you want to swallow gums, remember this post! Teach your children to stop doing this!