Fat Girls can be Gothic Too

In the modern world, many people think that fat girls cannot look good in their outfits too. This has shifted the attention of many people from fat girls, to slimmer girls, leading to the bullying of plus-size girls. However, the truth is that fat girl can also look amazing in their Goth outfits. Gothic clothes symbolize night, death, and the unknown, and one of the reasons why most fat girls feel comfortable in these outfits is because they feel like they are also powerful and rebellious in their own way. Usually, in common outfits, fat girls need to cover different parts of their bodies such as the arms, the waist, legs and hips. These are always the parts that they do not feel comfortable showing in public, but with Gothic clothes that are well decorated and in different colors, fat girls do not need to feel ashamed anymore. 

Consequently, there are different plus size goth clothing uk that fat girls can wear such as black dresses, black tank tops, black trousers, all shades of wigs among other items. This clothing usually makes plus-size girls feel much confident in themselves and to relate with other people well. In addition to that, most of the gothic women, who wear plus size alternative clothing usually look forward to being and feeling their best. There are different ways that plus size girls can use to achieve a Gothic girl look, some of which include the following; 

  • Having and Wearing the Right Choice of Clothes

Wearing the right clothes that show that you are gothic is the first step to achieving a gothic look. To effectively achieve this, you need to pick your own style and come up with something that is more imaginative to create your wardrobe. If you are new to the gothic world, and you do not have any idea of how to style up this look and have the best and most satisfying look, then you can look at some examples and video tutorials on YouTube, read the magazine or even look at articles and blog posts. These are some of the places that you can get motivation and inspiration from. 

  • Add Gothic Jewelry to your Style

Starting instantly by buying gothic clothes may be challenging for many people, especially those who are trying to achieve this look for the first time. This is why it is important that you make small progressions and start with the basics. You can purchase gothic jewelry, which is deep purple, black, and studded. This jewelry adds well to your look and instantly gives a plus-size woman the gothic woman impression. One of the best gothic jewelry that plus-size women can wear is chokers. There are different types of chokers in the market that you can purchase, depending on your preference. There are black, studded and leather chokers among others. Furthermore, you can also add a necklace with a cross or a crystal pendant to your clothing to give you the best gothic look. 

  • Practice Wearing Dark Makeup

Dark makeup is another style that gothic women can incorporate into their daily outfits. Even if you wear brighter clothes but with darker makeup, such as black lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara, with mint green, blue or even pink hair, your gothic style will be easily noticed. With the help of different YouTube videos and tutorials, you can perfectly achieve this look. This can also include putting on dark shades of nail polish such as black polish. All these different types of makeup help you achieve a gothic look. 

Advantages of Wearing Gothic Clothes

One of the best things that most people love about having a gothic closet is that it makes it easy for an individual to sort her wardrobe. In addition to that, there are other reasons why an individual might consider wearing gothic clothes, some of which include the following. 

  • Repairing the clothes is very Easy

This is one advantage of wearing all-black outfits. If by bad luck some part of the cloth gets torn, you can choose to wear it like that as part of your style or repair it very easily without anyone noticing the stitches. Consequently, if the black cloth has somehow faded, you do not have to throw it away like the other color types of clothes. With black, you can throw in any type of black dye to help in giving the cloth back its color. This means that you can work around with a black cloth for longer periods as compared to lighter shades of clothes. 

  • You can match with any Outfit and accessory of any Color

This is also another advantage of wearing Goth clothes. With black, you can never go wrong with matching your outfits. You can match black outfits, with other black colors, or lighter colors if you want to. This makes it very easy to play around with, and become creative with the clothes in your closet. In addition, with an all-black wardrobe, you no longer have to worry about choosing clothes that match your color skin tone, or one that goes with your accessories, because black is a flexible color that goes with any shade and any skin tone.

  • Washing becomes easier

Unlike the bright-colored clothes that may easily catch dirt and have stains stuck on them, black-colored clothes are easy to wash and remove stains from them. For instance, if you leaned on a wet wall and the paint got stuck on your top, you can easily wash it away. Alternatively, you can play around with it and add different sprays of colored nail polish, and get achieve an improved design of the top. 

Characteristics of Gothic Clothing

  • Promotes Individualism

For many people, gothic fashion is more than just a style of wearing an all-black outfit, but it is also about promoting one’s individualism. It is a way that most people express themselves to the public, and because of their identity, individuals can easily tell the members of their community. Therefore, since fat girls feel like they cannot express themselves in other ordinary clothing because of the fear of being judged about how they look, then they can wear gothic clothes to express themselves. 

  • It is a Revolutionary Style

Although the true meaning of gothic was associated with death and destruction, it is used in the present to denote that something is unusual and creepy. These negative analyses of the word gothic have been used to denote rebellion. Fat girls have used different gothic styles as a means of rebelling. 

  • Gothic style is Artistic

This has been a style that has attracted different people who are free-spirited and are open-minded about different ideas. Most of the people in the gothic community are creative and consist of people such as dancers, musicians, and artists. Therefore, fat girls who want to express themselves and showcase their talents usually prefer being gothic, so that the attention of the people can shift from her body to her talents. 

In summary, most fat girls feel confident about themselves when they are gothic. This makes them feel confident about themselves, especially since they can perfectly fit in these plus-size alternative clothing.  Moreover, there is a dress size chart UK, that plus-size women can use to determine the size of their dresses and what works for them. Therefore, fat girls can be gothic too.