Fight PMS and Ease the Symptoms With These 5 Foods

In the period of PMS, women feel nervous and some of them are crying constantly without reason. Eating chips and chocolate might help you a bit but it’s not a healthy lifestyle. To fight PMS you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you must eat these 5 foods to ease the symptoms of PMS.

PMS Symptoms

About a week or maybe two before the period, every woman feels the symptoms. It depends on the person but in some cases this pain is unbearable and a woman must be absent from work or school. The symptoms are the same, including stomach pain, back pain, headache, feeling hungry constantly, feeling nervous and angry and crying without reason. Women are looking for some pills around, eating chips and chocolate and get fat, without knowing that there are a food and drinks responsible to reduce the menstrual pain. Read the full text and learn what to eat and drink to ease the symptoms and to fight PMS.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea ( drinking for 7 days in the period – therapy) might reduce the tension that leads to anxiety and irritability during those days and in the period of symptoms of PMS. One recent research has shown that even preparing the chamomile tea can relax you, and if you drink it you will help to the nervous system. Choose this tea to fight with PMS, read more about on this link.

fight PMS

Low Fat Yoghurt

We know that women in the period and the days before period feel hungry. To reduce the need for being hungry, eat low-fat yoghurt that will boost your energy, reduce the pain and will react like antistress for your body and mind. This is an excellent breakfast that will help you to ”survive” the day.

low fat yogurt


In these days women need D vitamin and exactly this vitamin is in the wild salmon, salmon although contains vitamin 6. Prepare it for you or call a friend to prepare this amazing recipe for you and help yourself. Don’t suffer lying in the bed, fight with the symptoms!


Brocolli Surely Helps you to Fight PMS

Broccoli should be your first thought when waking up in the period days. With a combination of mushroom, you can prepare nice soup that will surely reduce the stomach pain and will calm you down.


Pumpkin Seeds

I left pumpkin seeds for the end of this post and its time t finish it. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of vitamins and are good for arising blood haemoglobin. But, do you know that eating pumpkin seeds can help you to fight with PMS? This is quite true because eating pumpkin seeds are full of iron, fibre, zinc, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Also, it reduces┬ástress and you don’t think about the pain.

pumpkin seeds

For the end of this post, I want to thank you for your attention. If you have a problem with the back and you feel pain constantly, read about the six lower back exercises that might help you to low the pain. Bye!