How to Give First Aid to Someone That Has a Heart Attack

Is hard and sad to see a person dying in front of your eyes and you don’t know how to help. This is the very first reason, I decided to teach you how to save a person’s life and provide first aid. There are a lot of presentations about first aid but I’m not sure how many people are attending the classes. Here is the chance for you to learn something informative that will serve you to save people’s life and your own life too.

Read the full text to learn how to save someone and to give first aid if he/she has a heart attack. The chest pain before a heart attack lasts even 15 minutes, but react quickly because you have actually just 6 seconds to save the person!

heart attack first aid save life

There are free first aid classes that give very important information about how to save people’s life. You can save people that is shocking, people that have a heart attack, or people injured in a car accident. If you missed all of the classes for first aid, you must read the full text. This is what to do and how to help if a person is dying in front of your eyes.

1. Call the local emergency number to send an ambulance

If you see that a person has short of breathiness, lose consciously and falling on the ground, you must help him/her. Probably, this person has a heart attack and you are due to call 911 before giving him/her first aid.

2. Give Aspirin and stop the heart attack (quick first aid)

Aspirin can help and stop the heart attack for those people who have diabetes and coronary artery disease. Give this person an aspirin and a glass of water (if the person is still conscious). We need to wear a first aid box everywhere with us because we will never know when we need it. Drinking an aspirin before heart attack may reduce the chest pain and revive the patient.


3. Give CRP to help a person survive the heart attack

Until you are waiting for the ambulance car, start with CRP. Crp means to give false respiratory breathing to someone who is having a heart attack. Are you completely lost about what you have to do? First of all, you must calm down, the second thing is to a combination of chest compressions and rescue breathes. In this way, the heart and the circulation might function again and this person can survive.

4. If you have a chance you may use a defibrillator

A defibrillator is used on a naked body, so first, you need to remove or cut the clothes. Apply it on the pads and turn on the defibrillator but meanwhile read the instructions.


If you want to protect yourself and to recognize the very first signs of heart attack, read this informative link. Or, if you are curious about how to reduce the pain in the back, visit our website posts and find out. Thanks for your attention and have a nice start of the week!