Going to an Interview?Be Prepared to Answer These Questions

Going to an interview can be a stress situation for many young people that want to find a job. Especially, if they aren’t ready to find the answer to all questions that will be asked there. Let me first tell you that you shouldn’t panic and shouldn’t feel ashamed even if you don’t have the answer to all questions, but actually questions are so easy and we all know it. But, today, we prepared a list with the QUESTIONS that are usually asked in an interview and whatever they ask you, stay YOU. 

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  1. The very first question will be: Tell me about yourself and give me information about your birth, place of living, etc.? While answering and giving personal information, stay calm, confident, proud of yourself.
  2. The second question will be the reason why you want to work here and why did you actually come here to attend an interview.
  3. The third question will be, how did you hear about this job, by net, by a friend, by the newspaper, or?
  4. The fourth question will be to tell you about a resume. Here, you can mention your education, experience, personal skills, all positive sides of you as a person.
  5. The fifth question: The reason why are you looking for a job? Most of us need the money and this is why we work, but don’t mention this in the interview, better say that you need experience to gain and teamwork.
  6. The next question will be to give a reason why the company should hire you. Do you want to become a leader or just or a simple worker? This means to say all qualifications you have and what kind of od advantages the company will have if they hire you as a worker.
  7. If they hire you, what will happen with their company in period of 5 years by now?
  8. And get ready for the last question. They might ask you about your last work, conflicts you had there and you deal with conflicts with colleagues. You don’t have to be so sincere but hide some bad things and bad experience you had in your previous job place.

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Uh, the questions are over and you can now calm down. The results might be told in the same moment or they will just call you to explain why they hired you or why they refuse you. Whatever happens, don’t despair, you can find a better job and now you already know the questions and are ready for the next interview. Good luck!