Homeschooling, Can Parents Be Good Teachers?

Goodevening period. Many of you, in this period, is having a role as a teacher at home and every day are attending lessons to the children. Homeschooling might give some results and positive effects but in fact, parents can never replace the teacher even if they have the proper education.

In our home, children are feeling free, they don’t have fear as they have in the school and all this is chaos. In these moments, I’m also having the role AS A TEACHER AT HOME. This was the motivation for me to write post like this, if you are interested in it, stay with us for some time.

Parents can be good teachers, if they are free, have patience, YES, they can teach us many things about life. Parents are educators for all life, was and will be. The teacher is something else and there is a big difference between this two-person.

In school, the teacher has no other work but just to educate children. While at home, parents have so many things to do. To prepare lunch, to clean the house, to take care for little baby and in the same time to pay attention to the child and homeschooling. All this situation leads to nervous parents and anxiety children that have no wish to study at home.

Children need a classroom, chairs and table and a teacher! And of course, classmates! When a child sees classmates studying, they have a wish to study too. This atmosphere we can never make at home, even if try so hard. We should accept that we should never be teachers to our children!

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My opinion is that we are parents and shouldn’t force our children to learn a lot and spend many hours writing per day. It’s enough to spend one hour per day, to repeat what they have been learning all the time until they went on a forced vacation. (due to coronavirus).

What’s you opinion about this topic? Tell us in a comment below this post and feel free to express your own opinion because we all have the right to think aloud, to write and to be heard by someone! also read about ICE CUBE USES ideas that you can use every day and see the effect.