How to Deal With Your Mother-in-Law

People are different so the mothers in low are different too. But, in most of the cases, they don’t like their son’s wives and always try to make some problems. Why they do this? They do this because they are jealous that you stole her son and start a new life with him. they are afraid that their sons will forget about them and will love just their wives. Well, let’s see what science says about how to deal with a mother-in-law, something that you must achieve if you live with her in the same house.

Parents do not always find their children’s mate choices to comply with their own preferences and engage in the manipulation in order to drive away undesirable boyfriends and girlfriends. To avoid this situation, individuals engage in counter manipulation in order to change their perspective parents-in-law’s minds to accept them as mates for their children,” explains researcher Menelaos Apostolou.

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This is her opinion but I have also an opinion about the topic. I think that these two women should live happily together in one house. How to deal with your mother in law? With respect and with little help of the husband. I think that if one of these women tries to find the same language the other woman will accept this. But if they are both angry the things will go in low line and in some ways will lead to disaster. I think that all daughters in law should show respect to their mothers in law because this is the mother of their partner chosen for all life. This is the mother that gave life to a person that will be our partner for all life and we should show RESPECT.

A lot of marriages are destroyed by mothers-in-low and this is usually a case when they try to teach their sons how to treat wives. And they have only one thing to achieve in life, to separate their sons from his parents that he has chosen for life, to tell their daughter’s in low how to take care for their kids and with this to make them angry.

Well, my advice for all mothers in law is this: Mothers in law, all those mothers that have sons we will all be like you someday. The partner that was the choice of your son should be his choice and not yours. By the way, you won’t spend your life with this person but your son will. I understand that the love for your daughter isn’t the same as the love for your daughter in aw but remember that your daughter will also have a mother in law that can be just like you! Try start loving this woman, that will give you nephews, will help you at home, will prepare your coffee and lunch. In this way, you will live in harmony and one day when you will be old woman, you will have someone to help you and this will be your son’s wife won’t be your daughter!

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