Listening to Sad Songs Can Make You Feel BETTER

Good evening friends. We can’t pass the day without listening to our favorite music and songs. Depending on our mood- we choose the songs carefully. When we are sad we listen sadly and love songs but otherwise when we are happy we listen to happy songs. Today we have a post about how and why listening to sad songs can make you feel better. Read the full post for the reasons.

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Listening to sad songs – PLEASURABLE SADNESS

Scientists call this condition as pleasurable sadness. Weh new listen to love songs reminds us of some of our memories and previous loves in the past. It reminds us of people we miss in life or maybe to those people that are far away from us.

Research that I made says that sheds light on what’s going on inside our brains when we match our music to our feels. Sad music can be also enjoyable and it doesn’t have to be depressing. Song lyrics can touch our hearts and can trigger our positive memories. All this can make us feel better and we can simply restart the song again and again.

listening to sad songs
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Hormone prolactin

The other study that I made reveals that melancholy music is linked to the hormone prolactin. Our body gets into the lyrics of the song and for the moment we think that a sad event happened to us but actually nothing happened and we suddenly feel so happy. Or, you can cry and suddenly feel better and the song can make you cry.

I think that we all suffer in different ways and we must all make the decision of the type of music to listen to. If you feel bad when listening to those sad and old songs, don’t listen to them.

listening to sad songs

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