Romantic Ways to Propose your Girlfriend

Days are passing and finally the days when you have to propose your girlfriend, you have no idea where to do this and how to make it. Well, don’t think too much, there aren’t any girls by now that said No, most of them say yes independently where the place is and how the proposal is done.

WILL YOU MARRY ME?ย The hardest question that one guy should say to the person he loves and he will continue loving during all his life. Actually, the question isn’t so hard to ask it if the boy is sure that his girlfriend will confirm the suggestion, but what will happen if she denies being with you in the rest of life???

Marriage is one of the most amazing periods in life so get ready to live your life happily after your girlfriend says yes. stay with us, read the ideas and tips we have to show you and to give you a little motivation to make this step. Be a brave person and make a surprise to your girl, at the same time expect for her to say Y E S!!!

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Make a surprise for her, arrange roses and candles on the floor in your home

One of the most beautiful proposals is to make a surprise at home. for this aim, you can arrange flowers for example roses on the floor, candles and to enjoy in romantic look. I believe that every girl will say YEs and will accept proposal like this, so it’s worth to try at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

crazy propose
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The surprise can be in your house or in her house, so check the photo to see some decorations

I think that the most suitable room to decorate at home is exactly the living room. To make romantic look here, add candles on the floor here, hearts, other bears and decorations, turn off the lights and hide somewhere. After a minute come here and tell your girlfriend, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

living room decor
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Call her and take to dinner in the restaurant near to the ocean, lake or sea

The very first idea is to take her to dinner in the restaurant with sea view or ocean view. Well, when you will make a purpose here, she won’t say no and you will be the happiest person alive.

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Make a proposal on the beach

If you are going on vacation this summer with her, well say her to be your wife and to grow old in the rest of her life! But, be also kind to make this decoration that you can see in the photo, arrange candles and write the letters will you marry me?

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Hope you will propose now your girlfriend and you will be kind to share with us what she said ๐Ÿ™‚