Things That Brings Bad luck According to Superstitions

Hey friends. Being lucky or not, depend on son our situation in life, our feelings, our family, our status in society, do we have work, do we have a salary, do we have children. Do we have a partner to be happy with? The answer to these questions will give the respond are we lucky people or not. But also there are things that can bring you bad luck if you don’t avoid it and you repeat some if each time. Read the full text and find out what you shouldn’t do to last longer your happiness.

  • Opening umbrella at home

If you open an umbrella at home, this will bring you bad news and bad luck. So, next time when you will do this, remember this post and stop it! Umbrella is for outdoors when it’s raining!!!

  • A black cat crossing one’s path.

If you see a black cat crossing your path in the street, means that something bad will happen to you. In my country, we say that bad luck will last for even three days.

  • Walking under a ladder.

Are you walking under the ladder? But why? Don’t you know that this will cause bad things to happen to you? Well, stop doing this in the future and be a happy person!

  • Certain numbers:

Usually, people have lucky numbers. The day when they are born, the date of their anniversary, the day when they gave birth. but also there are unlucky numbers like number 13. Never choose it!

  • Friday the 13th (In Spain, Greece and Georgia: Tuesday the 13th)

Ohh. This situation is so rare, to be 13 on Friday but when this day comes, don’t go out because something bad will surely happen to you. In Spain in Greece, they don’t think that Friday the 13th wil bring bad luck, but on Tuesday the 13. Sorry, although in Georgie they have the same opinion.

  • Breaking a mirror

Well, breaking a mirror into pieces means that you won’t have any good luck in the next 7 years but only bad luck will follow you. I think that too many people this happened and it doesn’t mean that it will last so long the bad luck. However, if you already have broken the mirror, you shouldn’t keep at it home but you should throw it away.

  • Leaving the bag on the floor

Well, the last one is that if you usually leave the bag on the floor at home, don’t wait for some money! your money will be surely gone if you do this because this is a bad sign and you are calling bad luck with this.

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