What is Antibiotic Resistance?

Good morning friends and welcome to our post about antibiotic resistance and some useful facts you should know before taking antibiotics. Antibiotics are the most used drugs in medicine and they saved and are saving millions of lives per year. Those who take it too much won’t feel an effect when they will really feel the pain and those who don’t use it often will feel the effect after the very first pill. This is what science says. More information you will find only if you READ HEREINAFTER. 

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How many people take antibiotics?

Some of the most commonly taken medicine around all work are antibiotics. Many people take it. People drink it when they feel pain in the head, pain im any part of body, teeth pain, to treat infections. They take it even when they feel stressed or when pain is so low. This is why when they really have a need to drink pill, the pill has no effect.

antibiotic resistance
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When happens antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria acquire one or several genes and bacterial allow them to either destroy or avoid an antibiotic’s effects. This could end up trial, even with death because antibiotic doesn’t help to cure the infection. This is happening by developing mutations in a gene or acquiring this gene from another microbe visible in people’s bodies. For one year, antibiotic resistance can cause even 700,000 death around the world.

Antibiotic resistance bacteria

This so-called antibiotic resistance bacteria is visible in our body and when we take antibiotic all batteries are killed. Except for the batteries that protect us from illness and disease and bacteria that is antibiotic resistance. There is more than one! We should pay attention and treat this bacteria in right way it is possible to kill it.

antibiotic resistance
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ADVICE: Don’t take antibiotics too often because are damaging your stomach and before taking it read the instructions on the label of the pill.

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