Why We Can’t Stop Checking Our Smartphones?

Nowadays, many young and old people, even kids are addicted to their smartphones and they just can’t keep their heads up. Most of them are scrolling on their phones while they are eating at home with family, while they are out in a coffee bar, while they are in class they also check their phones… This is not all and this addiction don’t stop here but continues and in the time when they are not scrolling on their phones, they check their Facebook on their laptops. Actually, there are people which are online all the time and when we see them in life they are always looking in their phones. There are people who feel lost without their phones and they are always holding it in their hands.

Beleive or not, smartphones addiction really exists and smartphones control us. That’s why we can’t stop checking our phones and we treat the phones like our TREASURE. Read more and make it clear which are the positive benefits of using phones and which are the negative sides, drawbacks.


We share a photo of us (selfie) on Facebook or Instagram profile and then constantly check how many likes we have gathered for a half hour? Is there any comment or reaction on our selfie? Our phone is never locked because we are always scrolling on it and sometimes we can’t even wait for two minutes to check who pressed like to our photo, video or link. We feel nervous if our phone battery is low and we can’t check the news. A low battery can also be the reason for not going out with friends because we will be lost without a phone. Our friends will be checking their phones all the time so what we are going to de? Some people even pay more attention to their smartphones instead of their family, partner and children. Yes, a phone has a lot of benefits for us but can be never replaced with some beloved person in our life.


A lot of marriages ends up due to the phone addiction, a lot of relationships breaks up due to the smartphone addiction. Many partners add the password to their phones and with this stop the other partner to check the phone. Is it worth to lose the people you love only for a phone that can be easily broken is the question that every person should ask in the head.


I am wondering how we have lived a normal life in the 90 years when I was a child. We have lived without smartphones, laptops and the internet and were addicted to outdoor games with friends and not to virtual friendhsip. And my second question in my head is what generations are coming next? Well, my dear friends, we are to the end of this post. What do you think about this, tell me in a comment below this post? Check our website and also read other interesting posts about psychology, health, nutrition, beauty, wellness and fitness. Bye!