Antidepressants, Can You Overdose With it?

Living in modern society affects the need for drinking medical pills that will calm us down and we can sleep at night, our brain will be calm and functioning normal. Problems at work, problems at home, love problems, problems with health, the sufficiency of money…too many problems! Many people nowadays can’t imagine their stressful life without pills. Some of them have depression and the others have chronic pain which can be cured with these pills. These pills are known as antidepressants but can we overdose with it and is it healthy to use it? Read more are about it hereinafter!

The doctors say that YES you can overdose with antidepressants and we shouldn’t be using it so often. A person is more likely to overdose on antidepressants if they mix them with alcohol or other prescription or illicit drugs. Not just the antidepressants but also not any other pills we should mix with alcohol, never do this!

The doctors recommend the dosage of the pills and patients with depression should respect this if they want to save their life. Overdosing on prescription antidepressant medication is possible if a person takes too many of their or someone else’s pills. Otherwise, there will be no effect and their depression won’t be cured but their life will be put on the risk!!!


Which are the symptoms of antidepressants overdose?

Some of the symptoms of an antidepressant overdose may include nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision. So, if you exaggerated with antidepressants and you have these symptoms, call your doctor and be aware that your life is in danger.

If you want my opinion about this topic I think that those people who don’t really need these pills and use it, they should stop immediately. We must learn how to continue our life when something bad happens when we have problems ( and we all have it). When we lose someone that was very close to us, we can survive without pills. And those who have depression, please respect the dosage that the doctor gave you and be cured and stay alive. Life is one treasure from God and we should all be thankful for every new day God is giving to us.

If you read the full text I hope you will be aware next time when drinking some pills to cure yourself. Maybe you will be so kind as to check our last post shared recently. The post was about the most visited and most popular hotel on Instagram this summer. the hotel is placed in Greece, so read more about it and think about traveling there. Thanks and be again with us tomorrow when we will be back with other posts!