Are You Smoking Cigarettes? Here is How Your Body Damaged by Smoking.

Are you smoking cigarettes and can’t quit it? But do you know that cigarettes can damage your body and brain? If you don’t know the facts and the truth connected with smoking, just read the full text and find out the consequences you can get with the smoking.

By the way, I invite you to read about what causes fainting and collapsing and let me tell you that this can be also caused by smoking. 

Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and reduces the health of smokers in general.¬†Quitting smoking lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and can add years to your life. Some recent research says that quitting smoking can be hard for some people and with this, they can make also damage the body and mental health. Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. Well, after knowing this, I’m sure that you will quit smoking and forget about it!

Smoking cigarettes can be the reason for death, stroke, and cancer

Smoking causes more deaths each year than the following causes combined:
– Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
– Illegal drug use
– Alcohol use
– Motor vehicle injuries
– Firearm-related incidents

smoking cigarettes

  • Smoking causes stroke and coronary heart disease, which are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Not just in the USA but this also happens in other countries. Stop smoking!
  • Even people who smoke fewer than five cigarettes a day can have early signs of cardiovascular disease. Protect your heart, don’t harm it with smoking.
  • Otherwise, if you continue smoking this damages blood vessel and can make them thicken and grow narrower. So, don’t be surprised if your heart is beating faster and if you have high blood pressure this is caused by smoking.


Which other diseases can be caused by smoking? 

  • Lung diseases caused by smoking include COPD, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Oh, I didn’t know it about bronchitis.
  • Probably you didn’t know that the most common lung cancer case is caused by smoking and nonsmokers usually can’t get this disease.
  • Those who have asthma, tobacco smoke can trigger an attack or make an attack worse.
  • Smokers are 12 to 13 times more likely to die from COPD than nonsmokers. Be nonsmoker and save your life, live longer and live a healthy life!!!

Unfortunately, even knowing the bad effects we can get from smoking cigarettes, some of us continue with smoking and damage their health. Which is too bad for any young person that smokes cigarettes and spends their money on this and don’t spent it on travel around!