Do Animals Have Emotions and Feelings?

Hello, hello, hello! Today we have amazing and surprising facts that will reveal if the animals have emotions and feelings? Well, at the beginning of this post I will tell you that the answer to this question is YES they feel sadness, happiness, jealousy and all other emotions that we humans feel.

Real example on the theme do animals have emotions is this gorilla that is grieving over her dead baby gorilla body. This explains that animals can feel sadness, the animal feels the love for their children, they cry when their babies are crying, they are trying to protect them if they are alive and are happy to grow them!

Have you ever wondered why baby dogs are going next to their mother dog, it’s the same with the cats and other animals? Well, they are asking for LOVE, PROTECTION, HAPPINESS and other feelings that we people need to be happy in this cruel life!

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Not just with the babies they have ut they feel sad when the man that was his keeper all life dies and they try to find him/her. They are happy when they are fed by humans, loved, they feel the love and anger and this is why some of them are anxious due to the low love.

I think that this explains why dogs and cats love little babies and they don’t dare to do anything that will harm the human baby but in some way, they try to protect it. For this reason, I think that we should take care of animals, to try not to hurt it, to help those who are hurt and try to feed them. Whenever is possible to show them, love, to give our love to our kids and to teach them how to love animals because they also have the right to feel emotions, to be loved by everyone, to raise their animal babies, to suffer when their babies are sick or dead. We humans should give them respect in every period of life!!! In the following photo, we can see a dog showing love for the little baby but if you are asking me, even though I love animals I won’t let my dog kissing my little baby in the way like this.

dog and baby
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