Fitness Workout for Beginners

Hey friends? Are you new in the gym and feel ashamed of having no idea about your exercises? Well, I think that you should stay with us in a few minutes and read our fitness workout that is exactly for beginners!!! We will show you how to focus on time, frequency, intensity and never passing the limit! Stay with us and have fun!!!

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Frequency – How often you are coming into the gym as a beginner? 

This means ho often you spend time exercising. For START you can make only 3 exercises with cardio. Over time, you can add more frequency to your cardio workouts as you build endurance and get more comfortable with the exercise.

Intensity – Are you trying hard with your exercises? Don’t do this if you are a beginner!!!

This means how hard you do the exercises. For example, if you are a starter you will need 5 or 6 poems on a scale to 10. You have nothing to prove here but you must protect yourself and never do anything that is more than your opportunities. As time goes on, you will be better at this!!!

Focus on time and never pass the limit

The time is very important THING WHEN YOU ARE making exercises. for example, if you are a beginner and you are doing cardio, you need only 30 to 25 minutes and we all have time to do this in the day. Cherish the time and never pass the limit!!!

fitness workout

What type of exercise you will need as a beginner? 

Here we are to the most interesting part of the post. We will tell you now what kind of exercise to make when coming for the very first time in the gym for not feeling lost here. The type of exercise can be walking, running, cycling, basic cardio workout for beginners. Remember what we said before, starting from the first day and ending with the sixth day, your cardio exercise has no longer than 25 minutes. The 7th day the time can be increased and you may add 5 or 10 minutes in your plan.

I hope that after our ideas and tips about how to work out in the best way you will visit the gym and will be ready for making exercises. Share the post with friends and we will be so thankful for your attention and patience!!!