How to Continue Living When Close Person Dies

Nowadays, in the 21 century, it happens too often get diseased and dye little children, teenagers and adults. In most cases, the mainĀ reason for death is caused by cancer or heart attack. When a person dies, those who were close to the person (friends or family members) feel pain and their hearts are broken. Day by day, the pain growths until they find some way to surpass the death and to continue living because life must go on. I beleive that is hard but maybe there are some ways that might help to forget the pain, to surpassĀ and to face with the destiny.

People are different, and they react differently to someone’s death. For example, some of them are more emotional and others not. For some of them, losing a person who was close to them is equal to the end of the world and for the others just a bad period in life.

How we feel when we lose a close person

When death happens to those who we loved the most, the first feelings we feel in the process of grieving are a shock, regret, sadness, depression, anxiety. the last feeling is acceptance to the death, going to the funeral and facing with the cruel truth that the person won’t be in this world anymore. Some people can never accept that fact and fall ill and some of them even try to make a suicide.

continue living

Life goes one and we must continue living

I beleive that is hard to go on, but life continues and we must find some hobby that will keep us alive. Even though in those moments we can’t even eat and not think about hobby there must be some other person that will help us to surpass this period. Continue living might be hard but check the following advice that will help you to do that because you can’t die with the dead person.

What to do when a close person dies

The first thing is to allow yourself to cry and to be sad. If you hide the sadness in yourself is worse so keep in mind this thing. The other thing is to get a good night’s sleep that will help you to forget a bit about the death. And the most important thing is to keep living your life like before. Talk with a doctor, take some pills, talk with friends and teacher (if you are a student). Go out for a long walk, spend time with positive people. Go to the thumb and bring flowers and talk with the dead person. I don’t think that you should go there too often but you can go sometimes to forget about the pain, of course, if you feel better.

continue living

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