How to Live With Chronic Pain

Every person in life has felt pain, acute or chronic, mental or physical, the pain is an unpleasant feeling and mental suffering and we must face it in some way to live with the same. We can feel pain in the neck, pain in the knees, pain in the arm, pain in the chest, etc. I believe that is hard to live with chronic pain day by day, but there is some way to help yourself.

The food we eat, the way we feel every day, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, drinking too much coffee, the problems we have in the family, in work, in school, all these factors have a direct influence on the nervous system. If our nervous system is highly sensitive we feel the pain. Read this post and find out how to help yourself and to make peace with illness and the pain you feel.

The difference between chronic pain and acute pain

Acute pain lasts for a few weeks, one month, a few months. Why do feel this type of pain? We feel this pain when we hurt ourselves accidentally, falling off the steps and breaking a hand, twisting a foot, etc. In most cases, people who are hurt accidentally need medical help and to stay active, after some time their pain disappear. After a month and process of curing one healthy person can feel healthy again and continue living without pain. But if that pain never stops, is persistent and continues after the curing process is called chronic pain. In this case, the pain can only be reduced but it will never disappear so this person must learn how to manage the pain and to live with it as a part of its life.

chronic pain

How to manage chronic pain

Many types of pain are produced exactly of the brain. The brain is the centre of our body that never hurts bt handle pain and is responsible for every pain that our body is suffering. There are some alternatives that will help you to live and to manage the chronic pain. I will mention some of it: traditional medicine, cold ice creams, Tens therapy, injection, herbs, and something when the pain is irresistible – surgery. In some research people who have used narcotics and marijuana as a help for their pain, they cured the pain but become addictive to the narcotics. Read about what alcohol makes to your brain and how this addiction more dangerous of using marijuana.

Does pain have an impact on our lives?

Pain can surely influence and impact our lives, our way of living and way of feeling. You can’t be happy if you feel pain every day. I have found that grandparents who feel pain found a cure in their nephew’s company. A smile of the child of their child makes them forget about the illness. This tells us that spending time with people we love can reduce the pain we feel, independently if is an acute or chronic pain. A person with chronic pain must accept that his rest of life will pass in pain but he/she must live because life is beautiful and we have people to live for them.