Laughing Can Make You Feel Better

Have you noticed that we feel bad and had a strong headache after crying and being upset and nervous? On contrary to this we feel better when smiling and laughing even though we have no reason for happiness. To live a happier and healthier life, we need happy moments in life and a few positive friends that can make us laughing and with this to feel better. We need those friends that will tell us that we look beautiful when smiling because no one wants to be in a company with wicked people. Stay positive and keep smiling if you want to live longer and to look younger. Love yourself, laugh often because life is too short!

Adults laugh only between 7 to 15 times during all day and children laugh more, even 300 times a day. Being a child is a period when you don’t have worries and problems so children are innocent souls that have many reasons for happiness. My personal opinion is that how much time a person is laughing in one day, depends on personal attitude and feelings. Every person has a different destiny that defines his own feelings and reactions.

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laughing feel better

The Laughter club

Around the world there a lot of laughter clubs where people come to laugh and to be happier. Thousands of people start the day right in this place with hope to become a happier person. First laughter club was formed by Dr Madan Kataria, in Mumbai, India in 1995. According to this Dr, laughing reduces stress and also is good for our heart and preventing diseases that are attacking our bodies. In the laughter club, there is a laughter teacher that teach people how to be happy and how to smile for the good or bad things happening in life. For example, one idea is to clap the hands and to say ”ha ha ho ho” that has many positive effects to our feelings and mood. If you feel nervous, find a laughter club, go there with a friend or family and start the therapy today!

laughing feel better

Fake laughter can either make you feel better

Our bodies can’t identify if we are really smiling or our laughing is fake but our mind can do that. The health benefits are the same for both ways of laking, natural or fake. It happens to all of us to smile fake to some people we don’t love, to some stories that don’t make us smiling but we must smile to not offend the storyteller. We’ve heard many times that laughing continue your life and make you feel and look younger. Laughing is the best medicine cure for every disease and the price is for free! Don’t wait for something good to happen to you to smile, smile fake or smile naturally to everyday things happening in your life. Even laughing at the things that anger us can have a health effect, read more about it on this link.