Create Your Own Happiness With These 10 Reasons

Wellness defines us how healthy we are and also defines our feelings. Sometimes, we are responsible for what happens to us. We can create our own happiness just by reading the 10 reasons for being happy. Doing good things for other people, helping an old woman to pass the street makes you happy. Eating chocolate, winning the lottery or being married is the secret to happiness. Scroll down to read more about this.

These are the top 10 reasons that make you happy. Create your happiness by using it!

The top 10 reasons on the list that make you happy

1. Being attractive

Being attractive is one of the reasons for being happy. People are staring at you, telling you that you are pretty and beautiful. This makes you happy and you feel good.

10 reasons for happiness

2. Your Genes

Some people are born happier than others. Genes are responsible for someone happiness. If the mother and father look good, their children look good too. Looking good is the secret of happiness.

3. Helping others

To help someone makes you happy. When you do good for other people the good comes back to you. You feel happy and this is a gift for you. Help others and be a happy person!

4. Being married

Living with the beloved person and having children makes you happy. Marriage has a big influence on someone’s life. For example, people feel happy to spend all life with the person they love. Children are the top reasons for happiness. If parents feel sad, children are here to cheer them up.

5.  Friends

Having friends is one of the reasons to be happy. You have a company for going everywhere, a person to share a secret or problem. Friends make you happy. A lot of friends a bigger happiness! Cheers!

reasons for happiness

6. Not wanting more you have

Those who are satisfied with what they have been much happier than others. To be grateful for all you have fits you. Otherwise, if you always want more you will feel bad.

7. Religion

Religion and praying, going to church can make you the happiest person in the world. Those who believe in God and God’s love feel loved ones.

8. Money

When you have money you feel happy. I’ve read somewhere that money can’t buy you happiness, which is certainly wrong. Money makes you feel powerful, brave, ambitious, beautiful…

9. Intelligence

Intelligence play role in feelings. If a child succeeds good result on testing, is happy. Their parents and grandparents are happy too. Or, if you are watching a quiz and answering all the questions correct, you feel great. Don’t you?

10. Food makes you happy

Eating favourite food has a big impact on you. Chocolate makes you happy, drinking wine cheers you up.

food makes you happy

Actually, we don’t need too much for being happy. To have friends and family, enough money and good looking. All these reasons make us happy. Please also check what is resilience and how important is in our life.