Mothers, Do This Things to Become your Children’s Best Friend

The relationship between a mother and her children is something that starts at the same moment when a baby is born and lasts all life. Science says that those mothers that are breastfeeding their babies are closer to their children while those who are feeding them with milk in bottles aren’t so close.  However, being a mother is a great experience even though sometimes it can be a hard task for mothers. Mothers except for taking care of the children must be children’s best friends. Someone that will know everything that happened to the child and the child to feel a need to tell everything to their mothers.

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First of all, mothers must learn how to become children’s best friends and we will reveal you this in the post now. the only thing you have to do is to read our post.

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Don’t ignore your children’s questions

The biggest mistake that we do as a mothers is to ignore questions that are questioned by our children. Sometimes we don’t have time to hear, sometimes we aren’t patient to listen to them and this is what makes the distance between mother and children relationship.

Teach your children to express emotions

If you want to be your children’s best friends and to know how he feels, you must teach him/her to express emotions. If the child is a closed person how will you know that is sad or happy?

Teach your children to take care of the clothes  and to be organized person

There is nothing better than having children that will be always organized. Organized with clothes and shoes and books also.

Cooking together can be fun

Many children love cooking so this is why we should include our children when preparing lunch or dinner at home.

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Don’t forget to show your love for them

You as a mother always must find time to hug and kiss your children and to bost them to grow without worries. As a best friend, your children are expecting everything from you and everything should be done with lots of love.

Forget about I-pad and phones and talk 

Read books for them, talk with hours, tell them stories and forget about modern technology that destroys many families today even including the relationships between parents and their children. In this way, you will show your children that he/she doesn’t have to spend too much money on modern technology but must find ways to talk, read and improve in education. And their best friends will be waiting for them at home every day to hear what happened at school!!!

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