Painting of Eyes by Malsart

Eyes are windows to our soul, eyes can tell a lot about a person – sometimes can tell everything. Eyes can’t hide your sorrow, sadness, and also your good heart and happiness. Look at someone’s eyes and you will realize of the person is good or evil. If we look in someone’s eyes we can see it’s beautiful soul, we can see if a person is honest or lies. This is why today we decided to share these painting of eyes done by Malsart. Maybe you have some free time to stay with us and check it?

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Her name is Maldha, she has 22 years and comes from the Maldives. Here painting of eyes is so realistic and some of it full of emotions. Stay with us for some time to check it.

While I do give them names such as lust & desire, there are people that see it as something more, as a completely different emotion. It excites me to paint them, as I try to make them as raw as possible, to give it depth and life as I won’t be creating the same eye twice.”

The artist Maldha Mohamed said for one website, not for ours but I thought it’s important to hear this from the original artist.

Look at this painting, we can see here may emotions of course if we spend some time and watch carefully the photo.


I will describe this art as don’t lie to me, I’m a smart person. It looks like this when I stare in the eyes.



I’m evil, angry, and nervous. Make a distance and go back because my eyes can tell you how evil I’m. paintings of eyes

From all painting of eyes, we shared in the post now, this one is the saddest for me. As we can see these eyes are full of sadness and in the person’s throat is a deep pain. When I look at this art, I can even cry without reason!

paintings of eyes


This is everything we prepared for you today and I hope that you enjoyed our post now and will keep following our page in the future for more posts like this.