Parents Watch Out! ”Momo Challenge” is Dangerous Suicide Game for Your Children

Many parents are so busy that they have no idea what their children do while they are scrolling on their phones and i-pads, or seating in front of their laptops. Well, this is the basic reason why I decided to share my opinion with you about those dangerous game that many children play¬†and with this, they put their lives in danger. In the following, we will discuss the Momo challenge, suicide and violent game that took many children’s life. After reading this you will surely pay attention to what your children play on their phones and I-pads. As a parent, I am scared of the influence of one simple game to the children’s brain and all this in a period when a child is growing and developing. Read on the full post for more information and visit our website where there are a lot of useful posts.

What is Momo challenge?

Maybe some of you have no idea what type of game is this and which are the negative sides and drawbacks of playing it, but you are at the right place to find the answer of all the questions you have in the head. One viral game named Momo challenge but have you any idea that this is a suicide game that threatens children to make suicide and if they refuse they will be punished??? Momo is a social media account on Facebook, What’s up and also on Youtube that is actually one girl from the horrors that communicates with children, challenge them to do some stupid things. If a children play this game and refuse to do this challenge the same kids will be punished as it says the rules of the game. Also, there are cases when Momo challenges them to kill their parents and friends.

Momo challenge
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From where comes this dangerous game?

This dangerous game is connected with Mexico, Columbia and Japan and for its aim tries to steal information from the user. If the user refuses to do something that Momo wishes, on the screen appear violent images that have an impact on the psyche of the person who plays this game. This is probably game that steals personal information and is part of cybers criminals.

Psychologists are worried about the impact of this game on children psycho

Recently there was one girl of the age of 12 that commit a suicide after playing this game, and this is not the only case. Psychologists try to warn the parents that this is the most dangerous game that enters in child’s brain and psycho and force the child to do some stupid things, one thing is to commit a suicide. They think that children the age of 12 are the most victims. So parents, my advice for you is to check what your kids are playing every day on their phones and it’s time to stop playing games that are dangerous and can be responsible for someone’s life loss. Psychologists say that parents can visit them and to talk openly about all the games that their children play at home and they think that are potential dangers for them.