Read About 7 Cute Ways To Wear a Shirt

There are a million ways about how to wear a shirt but only seven of it are cute. Exactly these 7 ways are a topic for our post today. A woman likes to wear male shirts and creating a different style of it, but also a woman’s shirt can be boring if you don’t know how to wear it stylish. But don’t worry you are in the right place and reading the best advice that will help you to learn how to wear your shirt. Read on the full post and surprise yourself of the styles that are simply done by yourself.

woman's shirt

It happens to all of us to just wear a shirt but not every person enjoy in wearing it. For some women is pretty hard to find the suitable design, some of it makes them look fat or they simply don’t feel feminine. There are ways that can help a woman to style in a modern way and to always wear clothes like that.

As you can see in this photo there are 7 ways that will help you to create the sexy look of you. One interesting idea is to tie the shirt and to combine with classic pants. The other good way is to create a dress from the shirt which also looks sexy, and also you can make two dress designs of the shirt, check the third and the fourth idea of the photo.

You can also create a nake neck with the man’s shirt, of course, you need a large male shirt for that. ( see the style in idea number 2) Cut one shirtsleeve is another cool idea that you can see in idea number 6. Check the following photo and find about the last idea of this post that you will definitely want to steal it about your next meeting! Save this photo on your desktop and learn how to seduce your partner with the best style that you will create by wearing your shirt and don’t forget to share with your best friend.

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Shirt with bare shoulders

The last and the most provocative idea about how to wear a shirt are bare shoulders. It doesn’t matter the type and the colour of your clothing but if choose to have bare shoulders you will surely seduce your partner. I don’t recommend you to wear all these styles at work or at some job interview because I don’t think they are suitable for that. But you can wear it to a date when going to coffee with friends or going to dinner with the partner. I hope you like it all of the styles we shared and you will try to make it at home. By the way, when talking about work read about how to take care of your velvet clothing.

shirt with bare shoulders

We are to the end of this post and here I must say goodbye to you. Keep following our website in future to find another cool idea about fashion. Thanks a lot for your attention!