Screen Dependency Disorder Affects Children’s Brain

Screen dependency is a big health problem that affects adults health but the youngest one(the children) suffer the most. Many phone apps manipulate with children’s brain which makes them addicted in the same way as some people are addicted to cocaine. SDD – screen dependency disorder have many negative effects on children’s health like emotional, mental and physical problems. Day by day, children’s brain is damaging more and more and if parents don’t stop this it and restrict the phones to their children it will be worse. Read on to find out which are the symptoms of screen dependency disorder to children and how parents make the biggest mistakes that lead children to this disease.

Please also check why we feel a need to check our news on our smartphones.

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The symptoms of screen dependency disorder

The very first symptoms are weight gain or loss, headache, insomnia and poor nutrition. Psychologists say that some type of aggression at children is as a result of screen addiction. SDD has also an emotional negative effect on children and many children spend their night scrolling on their phones instead of sleeping. Night by night, they lose sleeping and that leads them to depression, aggression and an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, children with this disorder avoid any other outdoor activities, change the behaviour and avoid any kind of friendship. So, if you notice some of these symptoms at your own children please react on time and forbid their phones, change the password on the wi-fi. Another advice is to go out and play outdoor games and activities which will distract their attention on the phone screens.

Parents don’t have time for reading stories but the here are the smartphones and Ipads

Nowadays, a lot of young parents don’t have a time for reading books to their children and that’s not a problem because they find the solution in modern technology. It’s easier to turn on youtube and to write a story instead of wasting time reading stories and books. The same case is with those children who don’t want to eat ( like the child in the photo below) and parents must turn on the net, have to write youtube and some favourite cartoon to their children. Why they are doing this? Well, they are doing this just for their children to eat, otherwise, they won’t eat all day. I’m finding the problem is parents who don’t care about health problems that screen can affect or maybe they don’t know about screen dependency order which is a big TREAt in 21 century. By the way, many adults also have this problem without having an idea about that so what their children can learn from them if they are 24 hours every day scrolling on their phones? They can learn to do the same thing, to pay attention only to the phone and nothing else!

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