Stop a Toothache at Home

What is a toothache and how to stop it at home?

Actually, a toothache is a pain in or around a tooth. The pain may be caused by tooth decay, abscessed tooth,  repetitive motions, such as chewing gum or grinding teeth. Infected gums can be also the reason for feeling pain in a tooth. The worst thing is when you have a toothache at the weekend when your dentist isn’t working. But, this is why today we will help you and give you the remedies to stop a toothache at home.

stop a tootache
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We all have garlic at home and having no idea that is the cure for our pain in teeth and gums. Just keep the garlic on the teeth where you feel pain about half an hour and your infection will disappear. The pain will appear again but you can cure at least when it’s weekend so on Monday go into the dentist’s office!


Use floss to clean the teeth of food and plaque. In this way, you will ease the pain when it appears during the night and you can sleep calmly.


Brake a pill and add it on the teeth where you feel pain and help a little to yourself. the pill will function as a cure to the teeth unless you see your doctor see what’s the problem with your teeth and gums.

Damp teabag 

A damp tea bag can help you to reduce toothache pain in the short term. Try this when you are at home and have no idea what to do while waiting to see your dentist.

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Next time when you will have a toothache at home, you know how to cure it without going to the dentist’s! Tell your friends about it!!!

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