The Reasons Why People Decide NOT Donate their Organs After Death

We live in a modern society where many children and young people dies from diseases and diseases are attacking people’s body every day. Some of us die young and the other’s die old, some of us even celebrate their 100 ‘s birthday and the others can’t even wait for their second birthday. However, life was unfair, is unfair and will be unfair but our soothe can be that GOD has a plan for us and take the people we love from us to be their angles.

Our topic today is about the reasons why people decide not donate their organs after death and some of them don’t give the organs fro the dead body of their children’s and parents. Is this right or they should give parts from themselves to save someone’s life, stay with us to the end and read it.

Every person has a right to decide if he/she will give the organs from the dead body and continue someone’s life or should live the earth full with all organs. But, I think that if God gave a disease to some person and he dies that other’s life and someone who is waiting for a heart or brain can be living again if the first person decides to donate. I think that we should all donate our organs after death! What about you, what do you think about this?

Recently I read a story where the father gave his kidney to his son which shows us how big love can be between parents and their children. The other story I read it was when a young girl gave the heart, donate it and next, the other girl met with the mother of the dead girl. The feeling was so sad fro one mother to hear how the hart from her daughter was beating in another body and her daughter is gone and she can’t see her.

not donate

To be honest, in my own country there aren’t people like this who will donate their organs. Some of them think that when a person goes in another world, in heaven or in hell should go full and to others can’t face with the death of their beloved people. In these moments they don’t think of giving organs and are drinking sedatives.

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