These Foods And Drinks Can Cause Cancer

Avoid these foods and drinks that might be a potential factor to cause cancer. Eat healthy food and prevent this bad disease to come into your body. Overweight people are prone to cancer instead of slim people. My advice for you is to take care of what you eat and if you have children, teach them to eat fruits and veggies instead of eating sausages, salami and drinking coca-cola in a can. Read more about what type of food and drink is dangerous and can cause cancer.

Food that can cause cancer

There is a type of food that can be responsible for causing cancer disease, and not just cancer but also diabetes and many other diseases. If you are asking me, I think that everything that happens to us is due to the diet we have. We decide about how healthy we are going to be and should we play with our health and eating unhealthy food that brings us to cancer, stays ours to decide.

Processes meat

Bacon, sausage, salami, hot dogs, processed meat, all these food is dangerous to your health and you should stop feeding with this things. We know that children love to eat this type of food, the mat is added in sandwiched and in hot-dogs. Instead of eating sausages and processed meat, teach your child to eat fruits and veggies.


Chicken Meat

what is happening to the chicken meat? Chicken meat is the most dangerous meat that you shouldn’t eat never ever and neither your baby or child. Many factories for the production of chicken meat are adding hormones in the chicken meat and making it grow. With this, people who consume this type of food are suffering and have hormones disbalance and many other diseases in the body. So, my advice for you is to create an outdoor small farm with chickens and to eat healthy meat.


Red Meat

It’s delicious to eat red meat and to drink red wine at the same time. But, knowing that red meat can cause cancer to your body will make you think twice next time when eating it.

red meat

Crisps, popcorn

We love eating nibling crisps and popcorns in front of our Tv, but if we do this every day it can be dangerous to our health. This type of food contains risk-cancer chemicals.


Pop tarts and gummies

Gummies, sugar puff, breakfast cereals and pop tarts contain high levels of acrylamide. I beleive that is very hard to avoid eating this food but harder to stop our children to eat it.

pop tarts and gummies

Drinks that can cause cancer


We all enjoy drinking coca-cola and having no idea why our body needs more and more glasses of this drink. A recent research has shown that there is substance in this drink that makes us more and more thirsty and we can get addicted to this drink only after drinking a can of coca cola. Another research shows that cans are very dangerous and more dangerous is to drink of a can instead of a bottle. The surprising fact that opens our eyes.

coca cola


Drinking alcohol (beer, red and white wine, etc) constantly and in large amounts can cause breast cancer and liver cancer. Read how alcohol affects your brain and day by day it damages the nervous system.


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