What Happens to your Body When You Drink Coffee on Empty Stomach

Hey friends, how are you? Today we have a post about health and something that we make to our stomach every morning. How many times happen to you to drink coffee on an empty stomach without knowing what will happen in your stomach? To be honest, to me this happens every morning and this is the reason why I sometimes feel pain in my stomach. But, stay with us to the end of the post if you want to find out what medicine says about this condition and drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Here is what science, medicine, and doctors say:

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, or early in the morning before you’ve had breakfast, can increase the level of cortisol in your body. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, your body starts releasing cortisol, a hormone that’s responsible for regulating your immune response, metabolism, and of course stress response,”

says Dr. Nikola Djordjevic

drink coffee

This explains the fact that many people can’t imagine the morning before drinking coffee and they skip the breakfast, maybe some of them don’t have an appetite and the others don’t have time to prepare it. This habit takes you to stress, feeling nervous and angry for the whole day. I think that somehow coffee function as cocaine to our body and we should firstly eat healthy food and then prepare coffee for us.

,, Since coffee irritates your stomach acid, you’re highly likely to experience heartburn and even develop gastric ulcers, Djordjevic says. Clearly, coffee on an empty stomach affects physical health. But it ropes in mental health, too. The overproduction of acid in the stomach can cause mood swings, jitters, shaking, and other withdrawal symptoms. Especially when consumed in large amounts, many studies have found that caffeine mimics symptoms of anxiety and even panic attacks. Symptoms can include restlessness, trembling, flushed face, and accelerated heart rate,” Long says. “And if you’re already prone to experiencing anxiety, you’re even more vulnerable to the effects of coffee.”

Said, Dr. Djordjevic

drinking coffee

Well, next time when you will feel the smell of the morning coffee and you are still sleeping, go quickly in the kitchen, eat something and next drink it the coffee mug!!! By the way, spend some time to READ ABOUT how to deal with your mother in law, for those daughters in law who have faced with this problem in life, or are facing now at this moment, please read the post that will help you to try to find together language with this person!

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