Will be Any Weddings in 2020?

Hey friends. Coronavirus have changes our culture, way of living, way of socializing, way of celebrating love, etc. It completely changed our view of life. When we are to the question that I added as a topic to this post, will be any weddings in 2020, I want to answer it. Stay with us to the end, to read the full post.

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weddings in 2020
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Weddings in 2020

I think that won’t be any weddings in 2020 like I said in my introduction. This year only those so-called emergency weddings when the bride is pregnant and they are forced to get married now, in corona time. Wearing face masks is now a normal thing and we shouldn’t feel any shame to wear it on our face, especially when we are in contact with many people. The bride will add a face mask and this is it, she is safe now, either the man.

In January 2020, weh news heard that coronavirus is spread in Wuhan, China I didn’t believe that the virus will come here in my own country, Macedonia. Now, here, many weddings are canceled and couples decide not to celebrate with masks. I don’t think that masks are the biggest problem but the problem is that the virus is spreading and we should all be awarded and be careful where are we going.

If you were also in a plan to make a wedding this period but you didn’t and canceled the wedding, don’t be sad. You can do it next year when everything will be okay and when life will be normal again. Next year you don’t need masks and glues and you can call every person that wants to be your guest here. Stay positive.

Thanks for your time friends and keep following our page in the future. Thanks and bye, have a nice rest of the day!