You Want to Hide Your Birthmark, But How? FIND OUT!

We almost all have a birthmark, speckles, freckles on our body and face which are visible for the other people. Some of it is light and visible only for ourselves while the other birthmarks are making a big problem. Some of the people aren’t ashamed of having it because this is something that they are born with it and have to live with it. While the others are feeling so ashamed and try to hide the birthmark in every possible way. In the following, we will give you a few ways about how to hide it and solving this problem wherever you are going out. Be with us for some time and read the full text.

hide your birthmark
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It’s great when you are born without any problem on your body and face and you look perfectly great. But this isn’t the case with every born baby because some of them get the genes transmitted by parents. These babies, children, and adults must live like this for a whole life. In this photo, we can see that usually the birthmarks are genetic and we can get it from our mother and fathers. However, they can be hidden, read how.

Hiding the birthmark with powder

Depends on the size of birthmarks and the color, some of it can be hidden with powder. We need to apply the powder on the face, on the body, or wherever it is the birthmark, freckles, and pickles and to look beautiful. No one will notice that we have it until we reveal the truth. In the second photo from this post, we can see Lexxie Harford, a 23 girl with a visible red birthmark who was asked to give an interview for the ABC news. So, read what she has to say for people:,, It was really amazing in terms of the fact that I’ve always wanted to raise awareness; I just never figured out how. The next time they see someone with a birthmark they won’t forget. They’ll know what it is and they won’t get freaked out.”I know the first night, the individual photos had over 100,000 views,” Lexxie Harford of England told ABC News.

She said that by her 9 age she noticed the birthmark for the very first time and from that moment she realized that she is different and must live life differing from the others. I think that she looks beautiful and gives us an example of how with powder we can hide all the differences we have on the face.

hiding the birthmarks
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