10 Easy Indoor ACtivities for Kids

In a period when most of the people in the world are home, isolated and afraid of being infected by a coronavirus, we are here with our useful ideas. Our team found 10 easy indoor activities that will keep your kids busy and spend a wonderful time together indoors. We know that the weather outside is sunny and you all want to walk around, going to the park or drink some coffee, but don’t do this in the period when the dangerous virus is spreading so fast.

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Playing tic-tac-toe

This game will throw you back in childhood, so play it now with your children and have fun. I’m sure that you all know it.

game tic-tac-toe
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Walkthrough without breaking the crepe paper!

Use crepe paper and zig the lines high and low in the walls of the entryway. Encourage kids to walk through without touching the crepe paper.

indoor activities
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Ball shaker game

Take one empty box or basket and fill it with colorful small ping pong balls. Then, tie around the waist and encourage kids to shake out the balls in X number of seconds or minutes. Check the photo for more.

kids games
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Ball straw race

If you have two kids, this is a great idea to keep them busy, the game is called ball straw game.

easy indoor activities
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Playing with a hula hoop

This is the thing that kids love it, playing with hula-hoop and we almost all have it at home.

hula-hoop games
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Balance the dice

The next game is about taking 8-10 dices and making a balance by holding it with your mouth, check the photo how.

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Every child wants to draw and especially if you take the colored pencils and draw with it it would be a fun time together!

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Playing with lego

Playing with lego bricks is the next activity you can play with children, depending on its age.

playing with lego
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Make paper airplanes

The next game we offer you is about paper airplanes, we can all make it and spend some quality time together with kids.

make paper airplanes
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Clay modeling

And there we are to the last activity for today and it’s about how to play modeling with using clay. Follow the link below for seeing the details now.

clay modeling
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I hope that you spent nice time with us and you will keep following our page in future for more ideas like this, to keep your busy you and the whole family. Thanks for your time and the free minutes spent with us!